Stand up and pee

We call it Piwi


Well, isn't that a terrific name? And the most important, of course, is that it's very useful. How many times haven't you been into a situation where you are trying to decide whether you have to go or to try and hold it for a bit longer? So, get to know piwi, a revolutionary simple product for women who dislike dirty toilets, not undressing too much or women who simply can see the beauty in peeing by the side of the road. Now as a simple one-time disposable novelty.

8 grammes of pure joy

Water tolerant paper product


Disposable novelty

Two different types to choose from

When is a piwi useable?


Counter question: When do men have an advantage of standing while peeing? A piwi is useable for women about that often. Because, admittably, it is an advantage being able to stand up and pee in case of unhygienic bathrooms, shrubberies, while travelling, when you don't want to undress... Yeah, you get the idea and surely you already have a few better examples of when you would have had use for it. And besides, being able to aim is not that bad.

Shop your own piwis

A piwi is that simple

You know you're going to miss one

Now that you know they exist


Well, doesn't it feel good to know that there is a possibility to stand up and pee? No, of course you won't need this daily in your home, but now that you know that it exists, you will miss it within the coming few months. If it's at the picnic in the park, in your worker's clothes, at the music festival, the boat, night club or somewhere else, only your habits and routines will decide.


But buy a pack of five and see for yourself. Don't be without one when it's needed.

It'll happen quite soon, now that you know it exists.



Piwi AB är ett företag med syfte att sälja och utveckla såväl produkter som tjänster inom hälsa, hygien och intimvård. Hoppas att du gillar det du sett än så länge. Hör gärna av dig med synpunkter och idéer.



Piwi AB








Vi riktar oss till såväl enskilda personer som till återförsäljare och institutioner. Just nu vill vi etablera långsiktiga samarbeten med några få aktörer, såväl privata som offentliga.

Piwi AB. Vi ses!